Sonas Energy develop sustainable energy systems. Our systems combine affordable renewable energy sources, with conventional energy sources  and demand side technologies to give you secure, reliable and resilient low carbon energy.

As a company we believe that there is not one technology that provides a “magic bullet”. Our challenge is to find and develop the best solution for you, utilising local resources where possible and combining supply side and demand side technologies in a hybrid system that is economically viable and wholly sustainable.

We provide end-to-end support services in the development of sustainable hybrid energy systems. We develop energy systems that are secure, affordable and low carbon through optimised use of conventional and renewable energy technologies.

Hybrid Energy systems combine the most appropriate conventional energy systems with renewables to meet the aspirations and demand for secure, reliable and resilient low carbon energy.

“Sonas” is Gaelic for bliss, tranquillity, harmony, enjoyment, happiness. At sonas energy we aim to develop energy systems that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable – ­ a true “Sonas” energy system!

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The opening image above is of the northern lights by a Norwegian photographer Gaute Bruvik nordlys_-_northern_lights_1920x1275and represents the abundant renewable  energy that is found throughout nature. – Creative Commons License (c) Photo Credit: Gaute Bruvik