Sonas Energy specialise in the development of decentralised energy systems.  We work on energy solutions for new development and retrofit.  We help deliver lower carbon solutions to the provision of heat, power  and transport.

Our aim is to provide practical pathways to “net-zero” for the built environment. In the short term this will be hybrid solutions that blend the best of conventional and renewable energy technologies.  For “net zero” a whole system approach is needed, providing pathways to progressively reduce energy demand, while taking account of opportunities to decarbonised heat , power and transport.

We call this concept “Netzero3” . Netzero3 is the delivery of credible pathways to “net zero” in power, heat and transport demand associated with a specific development and will be based on a suitable infra-structure of smart microgrids and intelligent heat and power networks.

As a company we believe that there is no one technology “fits all solution”. Our challenge is to develop the best technical solutions for the short and medium term while providing realistic and affordable routes to “deep” decarbonisation of heat, power and transport. We can help you set an achievable target date for achieving net zero, taking into account the climate imperative, corporate commitments and any existing site or projects constraints.

You can learn more about our approach here.

“sonas” is Gaelic for bliss, tranquillity, harmony, enjoyment, happiness, At Sonas energy we aim to deliver solutions that are in good for human health, well-being and happiness – and in complete harmony with the environment.

The opening image above is of the northern lights by a Norwegian photographer Gaute Bruvik nordlys_-_northern_lights_1920x1275and represents the abundant renewable  energy that is found throughout nature. – Creative Commons License (c) Photo Credit: Gaute Bruvik