Sonas Energy provide consultancy services to support decentralised energy projects. We combine the best of conventional and renewable energy systems to provide an energy solution that is secure resilient and affordable. We support all stages of a project from project initiation, through technical and financial project evaluation, to the production of viable investment-ready projects.

We are able to undertake the projects on a management, joint-venture or wholly owned basis.

Working with our network of partner companies, we can provide all the support services necessary to bring a project to life, from initial concept to operation and maintenance.

As developers of hybrid energy systems we do not promote a single type of technology. We make the best use of local energy resources blending them with conventional energy systems to make a hybrid energy system that is right for where it is and how it is to be used.

We can carry out early stage system modelling and feasibility studies and help you define a path to a full net zero carbon installation.

Our name Sonas comes from the Gaelic word for bliss, tranquillity, harmony, enjoyment, happiness.

We are based in the beautiful South West of Scotland. From this base we developĀ  energy systems all over Scotland, and the UK .


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Sonas, 5 Military Drive, Portpatrick, DG9 8LR