HV Systems

HV Systems – Hydrogen Strategy

Sonas Energy were retained by start-up HV Systems to develop options for hydrogen production and Hydrogen Refilling Stations in parallel with the planned phased roll-out of vehicles we can define an economically and environmentally sustainable business case for early deployment of a hydrogen HGV fleet.

The hydrogen production systems are based on existing electrolyser technology and will demonstrate the generation, production, transport storage and dispensing of hydrogen to support the HGV fleet demonstration. This together with the vehicles and filling stations shall provide a full-scale pilot.

Our role was:

  • Establish Capital costs of production storage and hydrogen refilling stations ( HRS)
  • Operational Risk Assessment.
  • Operational Cost basis for electrolysers close coupled to renewable generation capacity, and transport to site compared with electrolysers located at the HRS.
  • Full TCO levelised cost assessment
  • Input Energy Costs ( Close coupled vs on distribution grid, vs electrolysers decentralised energy systems).
  • Projected costs wit scale roll-out and as electrolyser technology matures.
  • Establishment cost point for breakeven for Hydrogen fuel trains vs diesel on long haul HGV routes.

We produced full financial / technical assessment for a 4000kW AlK electrolyser solution with 80,000-90,000hr stack life.

Image Concept for High Specification HRS