Shedd Stage 6


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Most projects will go through stage 6 – handover. This is where the design and construction team hand-over to the operator. There may also be a defects liability period where the manufacturers or construction contractors remain responsible for the plant for a defined period. In energy systems the handover period can be extended as operators are trained, demand side is progressively built out, commissioned and connected to the new supply. In addition there may be an operational period before the  project is re-financed moving from construction finance to operational funding. Depending on the structure of the project there may also be a change in ownership and an extended training and handover period.


SHEDD Stage 6 – Elements


  • Operators Training
  • BSRIA Soft landings
  • Integrated Systems Testing


• Asset / Debt Finance
• Revenue support- RHI/FITS/CfD


• Completion Certification
• Operational permit application


• Defect Liability
• Energy Supply Contract
• Fuel Supply Contract