Shedd Stage 2



Concept Design

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Stage 2 is the concept design where the project takes shape. Within this stage the main elements are pulled together and the principal engineering elements are defined, and the financial case is refined. By the end of this stage the project budget costs are established together with the proposed procurement route. The output from this stage is a robust business case suitable for investment decisions to be taken.

SHEDD Stage 2 – Elements


• Concept Design
• M&E concept design, schematics and sketches
• Preliminary Architectural and Civil/Structural Design
• Refine demand and supply profiles
• Transmission and energy storage options
• Supply Demand matching


• Refine Cost Data
• Sensitivity Analysis/ Validate Financial model


• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Design and Access Statement
• Sustainability Statement
• Carbon Assessment


• Procurement Route
• Project ownership structure
• Land ownership and Options
• Energy and Fuel Supply contracts