Shedd Stage 4

Detailed Design

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This stage is about developing the design.  As your development partner Sonas Energy will support you and assist in managing the project through this detailed design phase.  Depending on the procurement route this stage may be undertaken by a D&B or DB&O contractor.  In which case we can prepare a full set of employers requirements and undertake a technical advisory role to assist you through the procurement process. Depending on the complexity of the project this stage may be as simple as adapting and qualifying manufacturers drawings for construction through to engaging a full engineering and architectural  design team to undertake a detailed and fully co-ordinated design.

SHEDD Stage 4 – Elements


• Fully Co-ordinated Design
• Integrated Specialist Supplier manufacturer inputs
• Operation and maintenance plan
• Operational Risk Assessment


• Refine Cost Plan
• Construction Finance draw-down


• Secure Planning & Building Warrant
• EU Emission Trading – Permit
• Environmental Permit


• Prepare and agree Manufacturer and Construction Contracts
• Completed Energy & Fuel Supply Contracts
• ESCO/ EPR Contracts