Glasgow Airport Innovation Area – Masterplan Energy Assessment

Our role was to to provide an initial estimate of the site heat and power loads and examine potential options for on-site generation of renewables and low and zero carbon technology (LZC).  The option of a heat network has been examined at this early stage in order to inform the infrastructure development, in particular to ensure that necessary allowances can be made for road crossings and network interconnectivity within the infra-structure masterplan.  

Starting with the block masterplan we developed an early stage energy model of the site to derive indicative heat and power profiles. This site wide masterplan energy model is based on generic building types similar to those proposed within the current masterplan. These cover offices, light manufacturing/ advanced manufacturing buildings and operational heated hangers.

High, medium and low energy use scenarios have been developed and dynamic simulation of generic representative buildings has been carried out to produce hourly data illustrating the daily, weekly and annual site wide heat, power and cooling demand profiles.Recognising both site constraints and the energy demand profiles, we have proposed a reference configuration for on-site energy generation. This is a hybrid combined heat and power system  based on using two energy centres. The two energy centres are proposed to reduce the necessity to oversize pipework in phases 1 and 2 while delaying design of the second energy centre until the later phases of the masterplan are better defined.   

Heatsharing Network

Demonstration of cost effective, flexible, and scalable alternative to conventional CHP district heating

Significant cheaper to install than a conventional CHP-based district heating network

Cheaper to run than a conventional CHP network Provide a lower carbon intensity than a conventional CHP heat network

Rely on heat transfer provided by heat pumps in each building (each building can be designed stand-alone)

Less risk of a stranded asset

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