Fleming Park Energy Centre – Technical Analysis and Upgrade

Energy Centre

Fleming Park is an existing new build energy centre feeding a district heating network on which sits the new Fleming Park leisure Centre. The centre comprises 1No. Bosch CE240 CHP Unit with 4No. Hoval 575kW Ultra Gas condensing boilers installed within 2 No. combined modular units. This new state of the art facility opened in November 2017.  There are two new builds which may be connected to the EC, Hendy Car Showroom and a Civic Gateway Office Block.

Sonas Energy have been commissioned to undertake a technical analysis and determine cost/ benefits of Eastleigh Council Options for the future utilisation and operation. The work was split into 3 stages.

  1. Demand Side Assessment
  2. Supply Side Assessment
  3. Options Appraisal

We have received existing data from the newly opened Fleming Park, Leisure Centre, this comprises Half Hourly electrical data, together with heat meter readings covering the first 6 months of operations. We prepared initial block model Dynamic Simulations of the Hendy and Civic Gateway sites and produced a synthesised heat and power time series for the projected “as built” whole site.

This together with the technical specifications of the plant has allowed us to look at the current plant sizes and make an assessment of how well the energy centre as designed would be able to cope wit additional loads from the new build.

We were then able to produce financial projections for improved performance of the energy centre following recommended upgrade of additional heat store capacity and addition of heat rejection equipment to allow the CHP units to be run in mixed mode. (electricity led in summer and heat led in winter.)

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