Shedd Stage 3


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The SHEDD tool-kit provides full financial modelling capability for early stage project appraisal.  We can model the level of uncertainty in both capital and revenue costs using statistical Monte-Carlo techniques which give a high degree of confidence in the predicted financial return on investment under a wide range of scenarios.

This stage is all about refining the financial and technical models, securing the necessary permits, options and securing the development finance. Through this stage the financial viability of the project has been proven, the technology and manufacturers for the main items of plant have been established and all the required contract documents put in place. By the end of the stage,  the finance package for the project is agreed and the project may proceed to detailed design and construction.

SHEDD Stage 3 – Elements


• System operational model
• Carbon
• Grid Capacity study


• Refine Cost Data
• Refine Revenue model
• Refine Financial model
• Secure Development Finance


• Planning
• Environmental permits and approvals
• Government subsidies


• Heads of terms, fuel and energy supply contracts
• Grid access and grid entry agreements