Whitehaven North Shore development

Sonas Energy worked in partnership with Sustaim to deliver an energy strategy for BEC for the Whitehaven North shore development. The aims wereL

  1. To provide high level strategic advice to guide the North Shore development towards a zero-net carbon scheme
  2. To provide a energy strategy that would not compromise the commercial benefits of the development and is intended to assist BEC to further enhance them.
  3. The strategy minimises energy use and maximises low carbon energy generation and storage across the scheme – to minimise grid power and included the consideration of a smart micro grid / district heat approach and battery storage

The work included design review, demand side modelling and energy options appraisal and local energy mapping.

Among the solutions examined were:

  • Energy Centre CHP & Gas Boilers
  • Advanced Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Hybrid CHP WSHP
  • Wind
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage
  • SMART Micro Grids

In general these are not alternatives but a selection of technology options that will need to be combined to deliver netzero, over a period of time. How these are combined depend on a number of interconnected factors. Including:

  1. Technology route to zero carbon
  2. Carbon intensity of the Grid
  3. Procurement route to ESCO and attitude to innovation and creating a tradable asset
  4. Timescales for bringing Mark House and Hotel on stream

Conclusions of the study was that a Low Carbon Energy network for the Whitehaven North Shore Development is feasible, both technically and commercially. Consideration was also given to procurement opportunities ( either as a JV or taking to the market for an ESCO partner.

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